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Services that Plains Towing and Recovery Provides

Plains Towing and Recovery offers a large assortment of towing, recovery and roadside services to all sizes of vehicles from motorcycles up to school buses and semis with trailers. Check out our in-depth list of services below:



Light-Duty Towing, Recovery and Transport

Motorcycles, compact cars and even small pieces of equipment fall under this category.


Medium-Duty Towing, Recovery and Transport

Delivery trucks, small campers and boats, and other mid-size vehicles and items are in this category of our services.


Heavy-Duty Towing, Recovery and Transport

We can handle pieces of heavy construction equipment, semis, large boats, and even RVs with this service option.


Flatbed Towing

Towing with a flatbed is for those times when your vehicle has too much damage for towing to occur with our wreckers.


Van Trailer

We can transport your cargo in an enclosed 48’ van trailer to protect it from the elements and keep it secure.


Flatbed Trailer

We can haul heavy equipment, machinery and other items with this flatbed trailer.


Lowboy Trailer

Our lowboy has a 29’ well, which enables us to haul your heavy, industrial equipment and equipment in an effective, safe manner.


Car Trailer

A trailer such as this contains special features that make it ideal to use to transport all sorts of cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.


Recovery Trailer

Our 29’ enclosed trailer is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials to clean up any accident scene. Equipment includes light plant, fuel containment, floor dry, cribbing, large assortment of tools, generator, road sweeper, semi tarps, traffic cones and much more.


Pilot Car Services

We will provide pilot cars to escort extra-wide loads and other loads whenever necessary.


Long-Distance Transport

Just tell us where you need us to transport your load, and we will do so in a timely manner. We provide this service to all points across the contiguous United States.


Roadside Assistance

We will bring you fuel, jump-start your battery, change a flat tire and even provide lockout services. Our roadside services include all types of minor repairs that we can perform on the side of the road. When we cannot solve the problem on-site, we will tow your vehicle so you can receive the proper repairs.


Along with our other services, we provide transportation service locally and all throughout the country. We will efficiently transport your load to any destination within the contiguous United States. For those times you are unable to be with your vehicle, we provide a spacious, secure storage area at our facilities. We care for your possessions as if they were our own! Trailer dolly is available for transporting your vehicle when the undercarriage suffers from extreme damage. We only utilize wireless tow lighting, which eliminates the need for cords touching the body of your vehicle. Plains Towing and Recovery additionally offers under-lift towing by the wheels or axles. A towing method such as this prevents mechanical contact with your oil pan, vehicle body, or suspension components. We employ this method for such vehicles as those with Low Pro Texas bumpers or motor coaches with fiberglass fascias.


Our customers all receive top quality service at a fair price. Our drivers provide fast, courteous, hassle-free service. We provide a special discount to all military personnel to show our appreciation of your service to our country.